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America undercover episodes

Thank you and email back if interested at: Graphic IV drug use. High on Crack Street: Frank and sometimes frightening look at Polygamy in Utah. Notorious London doctor that killed hundreds of people by overdosing them with heroin. Rehab style film about meth abuse. OD caught on film.

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America undercover episodes

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  1. Jump to Episodes - Episodes[edit] Drunk & Deadly: A Day on America's Highways () - Directed by Robert Niemack; Murder or Mercy: Five American.

  2. Documentary "Bellevue: Inside Out" is an episode of America Undercover which explores the emergency room and psychiatric ward at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.

  3. America Undercover talks to seven women who were convicted of murder The episode ends with footage of most of them at the March on Washington.

  4. Documentary America Undercover examines the video revolution that has put an estimated 40 million camcorders in the hands of Episode credited cast.

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