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How to tell your kids about separation

Then make reassuring comments, and 4. Parenting How to tell kids about divorce: NOT going into who did what to whom. Be prepared for questions; provide short answers, then wait to see if there are more. Here are the six most common unintended mistakes made by well-intentioned parents: For young children try: Separation Talk Script Guidelines 1.

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How to tell your kids about separation How to tell your kids about separation

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  1. Jul 3, - The do's and don'ts of talking to your kids about your separation. Don't lie. Lying will undermine your children's trust in you. Don't tell them secrets. Don't be negative. Don't blame. Don't beg. Do.

  2. Jun 30, - Steps. Gain control of your emotions first. If your spouse just recently broke the news of a separation to you, or you are still coming to terms with the decision, you should probably wait before talking to the kids. Get on the same page. Both parents should present as a united front. Plan to do it together.

  3. May 28, - Telling your kids you're “trying living apart for a while” your kids may experience relief once you're separated — and it's fine to say that.

  4. May 1, - The news that Mom and Dad are separating hits a two-year-old and a year-old differently. Here's how to help children handle it at any age.

  5. There are five key things to remember when telling the children. Tell your children what to expect. Give them an explanation that they can understand. Offer lots of reassurance about the ongoing involvement of the parent who is leaving. Your children will need some time to take the news in.

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